Chances are very good that we have a remanufactured engine for your application. We rebuild practically any domestic gas engine for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, as well as for a number of foreign applications. We also offer remanufactured engines for marine, performance, industrial and even for numbers matching restoration projects.

Most of our engines ship freight free, via our over-the-road fleet, to one of branch locations and are then delivered to one of our installers in the area. There are times when freight charges apply. One of our Sales Representatives can provide specific information. Please call 281-999-8186.

The core policy on our rebuilt engines varies according to several parameters. It is best to speak to one of our sales representatives for information as it relates to your specific application.

ALL OUR REMANUFACTURED UNITS have a core and skid charge billed at the time of sale. When the core is returned, a Sales rep  will determine the amount to be credited back to the customer’s account. The core returned must be a like-for-like Make, Model and Type, but not a junkyard core. Cores must be returned drained of all fluids and oil, assembled and attached to the same undamaged skid or container in which your remanufactured unit was shipped. Core must be returned within 30 days of the delivery date to receive credit. Full credit will be given unless certain damages and exceptions noted in our core policy are found. Contact us for detailed information.

We can normally have the engine at your installer’s location within a day or two. If we have to build your application, we can generally have it within a week. Please contact our sales rep over email/phone  to get the exact details.


Connor G., Customer

These guys did a great job!
I had a knocking sound coming from my engine, so I called around to get a quote. I was given a quote and told that there could be additional work that needed to be done. They explained the contract very clearly before I signed. Very impressed. Definitely coming back if I need more work done!

Richard G., Customer

I like Gulftech they explained every thing to me up front gave me a good price and my engine runs like new in my opinion they did a good job for me

Jeff C., Customer

Had my Chevy rebuilt here they towed my truck for free and gave my a good price it’s been 1 month and my truck is still running good I will recommend them in the future

Sam W., Customer

I can’t say it enuff these guys are great treated me good gave me a low price had it done be fore the time they said great job really great

Jack L., Customer

Like the way they treated me and explained everything to me I will recommend them to everyone got my truck by just like they said 2 weeks my truck needed adisional items apart from the engine they told me gave me a price I said fix it thanks guys



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What is the difference between a used, rebuilt and remanufactured engine?

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